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To all our new friends aboard Clasship.

(Captain Bill-the American, Jessica-the Aussie, Joel and Lisa the Kiwi’s, and Jessie- the Brit).

Thank you all for giving us a wonderful and particularly memorable experience! Everything was progressing so well until that final evening, and then. . . . . Well let’s just say that it was then that the real fun began! Cruise Bay may Never be the same. . . and I am pretty sure we won’t be either!

To Jessie- thanks showing us the youngest crew member is often the smartest. . . as Evidenced by your disappearing act, upon our return last night! A bold and brilliant Move to be sure! All kidding aside thank You for all your hard work and your Warm hospitality.

To Lisa-thank you for your amazing cooking! Every meal was more special and delectable than the last. How you are able to create Such goodness out of that tiny galley is beyond my imagination! And most specially . . . thank You for getting out of the galley last night and sharing your “party girl” with us.

To Joel-thanks for fixing everything we broke! Your efforts did not go unnoticed. . . although the night without AC after 6 “pain Killers” was truly a case of bad timing! Most of all, thanks for sharing with us the swimming dance. . . you “fish on the deck” outstanding!

To Jessica-I must register a very serious complaint with you. . . I was over served! And it was all (well, mostly all!) your fault! I found Gary’s interview with you both enlightening and hilarious. Thank you for all your efforts (and tolerance!) in making this a relaxing and enjoyable experience for our group. . . even if you did keep “flipping us the bird” from day 2 on!

And finally, to Captain Bill-thank you for getting us home in one piece. . . nightly, and for the experience overall. your balance of professionalism and personality is sure to earn you a wonderfully rewarding future in this business! Your dance move demonstrations last evening far exceeded your navigational performance which was itself outstanding! Thank you all for such a great experience. For knowing when to engage us and when to leave us alone. We will never forget our time onboard the Classiestship!

John, George, Mark, Stuart, Garry and Dave.

Dear Captain Bill, Jessie, Lisa, Joel and Jessica. Thank you all for a wonderful memory! With appreciation from your new friends,

John, George, Dave, Stuart, Mark & Gary

What a fabulous day! Couldn’t have asked for more in a luxury boat. Very comfortable in every way and beautiful. The crew was exceptional! They catered to our every need & want. The food was awesome & plentiful. Thank you for your great hospitality!


“Wow” Top Team. Top Trip. Thank you Bill & Hayley the holiday of a life time.

We have all had a wonderful time. The crew have been great, the food wonderful and the cruise splendid. Thank you so much.

To the crew of Clasship 1-New Year 2011 Thank you so much for an amazing week, great food, wonderful boat + amazing New Year party. Shake rattle and roll.

Clasship 1-we love you! An amazing week and you looked after us so well> A huge thank you. A pleasure to meet you all XX I had best X time ever X.

Clasship, Class act! We’ve had a wonderful time. Thank you.

Clasship 1- An amazing week – one long party with an exceptional crew all of which played above their game exceeding my expectations by miles! NYE 2 Jost van Dyke was a gas and our on board parties now need me to take a cruise to recover- if anyone can beat 12 guests and 168 bottles of wine – countless beers and 3 bottles of rum, let me know! A truly wonderful week! Thanks Tim and huge thanks to Judy, Lisa Joel, Phil and Jess. Best wishes to all.

We will remember this week forever, friends, partying, food, wine, drinks fun, laughter. . . . . wonderful time thanks to the crew, Tim and all for a amazing trip.

We have had the most amazing week, cannot express our gratitude to Bill and Hayley and the crew who have been great. Have just loved every minute. Lovely boat too! Thank you. P.s. fantastic cooking!!

A week we never wanted to end. Great friends, food, wine and crew, thank you everyone.

Dear Crew, well done-cooking V good, fixing my neck better-cheers Phil, Judy great job on this boat, superb, loved the whole gig! Just remember, “Once upon a time in a tavern. . . . . . .”

Our 4th time on Clasship, it gets better each time! Love the new toys and the boat-the pico & sea kayaks were great fun. Thanks to an excellent crew we were able to visit so many Islands and come away with so many wonderful experiences. A huge thanks.

Jayne Godden

What a wonderful two weeks for our first trip to the Caribbean. It was an absolute unique time and greatly supported by the crew who were a very friendly bunch. It is not possible to make a criticism. The yacht was most comfortable with so many unexpected extras.

Mavis & John Birch

You made us feel like millionaires for the week. Thank you all so much for a really fantastic vacation. take care and hope to see you again in the BVI's

Maurine & Phil

Some things you just can't surpass!

Sue Perrin

To all the crew, thanks dudes, it was really hot but the trip in general was cool. If you ever in Sydney, any of you give me a buzz, first round is on me, the rest on you.

Michael John Kubler

You guys are all legends, mates for life.

M White

Absolutely fabulous.............

Greg Kubler

A Wonderful holiday, it has been better thanks to wonderful beaches where the Captain took us. Thanks to his kindness and that of all the crew that executed all of their tasks with efficiency.

Mario Paoluzi

Dear Captain Simon, Bob,Steve,Joanne, Fiona and Ryan.
Thanks for the great ride, we really enjoyed our week with you cruising the BVI's, our first time in the BVI's our first time on Tim's wonderful boat Clasship 1. Tim should be proud to have crew like yours, you care for the boat as if it's your own. We hope to come back and we will be sharing our wonderful experience with friends that would make good guests. We are sorry to leave today and hope our paths cross again soon.

Maura Blanl

Dear Tim,
We had such a wonderful family vacation, beautiful ship, beautiful British Virgin Islands and the best crew ever!!! My wife and I and the children will never forget this wonderful time. A truly class act.

Philip Gentry
p.s The birthday party for Isabella was very nice and I don't think she would have had such fun anywhere else.

The boat was amazing!


Best time of my life, thanks so much!! I love the crew

Megan Eastwood

Thanks for everything, we had a blast! Hopefully we will see you again soon!

Jordan Lane

We Loved it! Perfect completely!

Dallas Teyan

Mark & I had SUCH an amazing time aboard Clasship. We had seen quite a bit of the BVI before, but this was an exceptional experience. The captain and crew were by far the most knowledgeable and amicable we have experienced, and the places we sailed to were unparalleled. We can not rave enough about how comfortable our cabin was and how superior the level of service was in comparison to other "similar" charters we have been aboard. Our compliments to the chef for all the beautiful, unending, gourmet, exquisite dining -within the same parameters of our most memorable international fine dining experiences. And to our beloved captain--we'll never tire of watching "The Last Waltz" and dancing until the wee hours, or swimming with Tarpon under the moonlight. The crew has been truly incredible and can be considered amongst our new friends. We thank you sincerely for the charter of a lifetime. We are already planning our next holiday aboard Clasship. Please feel free to have future clientele contact me about our experience.

Bethany Laprade

Dear Tim

Well, we all made it back safe and sound and have unanimously agreed that we had the time of our lives. Clasship 1 is a superb yacht, fitted out beautifully and crewed brilliantly by Skipper Simon Davies and Steve (1st Mate), Bob, Ryan (Engineer) and Joanne (Stewardess). Fiona the Cook did a great job too until she had to return to Ireland due to a family bereavement... but good things always follow bad ones and Ross, Fi's replacement, was a magnificent chef and a lovely bloke too. They did a tremendous job and were great fun to be with. Whilst we hopefully didn't cause them too much trouble, we couldn't have been a particularly easy bunch to look after so my advice would be to hang on to Simon for as long as possible. Watching the way he mucked in and managed his crew was a masterclass in people management. All of us are sincerely grateful for the effort they all put in. Hopefully they all enjoyed our company and the cricket too. I think we took 3 or 4 of them to the World Cup semi, and 4 to the Final which I think was a nice way of saying thank you.

The trip itself was incredible - at times the ride was bumpy but we always felt safe and secure, and were well informed at all times of what to expect. It was us after all who chose the tricky route, with great advice from Simon always at hand. Highlights include the 5 day trip up the Grenadines via places like Caracou, Palm Island, Petit St Vincent and Petit Martinique, Mustique, Bequia and St Lucia (especially the view and mooring at the Pitons)..... and late night snorkelling with barracudas, and some great deep sea fishing, and our trips ashore (always eventful!!), and the waterfalls in
Grenada, and... well, you get the picture - we had a fantastic holiday that will provide all of us with memories for life.

I fully intend to charter Clasship 1 again, particularly if you are able to keep the core crew members together, they really did make the holiday happen for us. I'd be interested in something next summer in Europe... Ibiza, Capri, Sardinia, etc etc. Lets stay in touch, many thanks and please pass on sincerest thanks and warm regards to Simon and the team.

Kind regards,

Aaron Stewart

PS If you could arrange for the Hooters yacht, which moored next to us in Barbados, to have some Hooters girls on board next time that would be great!

PPS We have taken 1000's of photos and will send a collection to you and the crew soon.
Finally, I would be happy for you to use any of the above in a testimonial for Clasship's website. In addition, at any point in the future if you like to use me as a reference for people thinking about a charter I will gladly sing Clasship's praises from the rooftops.

Best wishes,

Aaron Stewart


Dear Tim,

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the yacht cruise on Clasship 1. I have been on many Ocean cruises and this experience was so superior! The neat, quite coves to anchor in and explore as well as having dolphins play along side (and we could slow down enough for great filming of the event) and going slowly over underwater cities from long ago were just some the many wonderful memories from the great May Vacation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Our accommodations on board were great. Our twin beds were comfortable and there was enough closet space—always one of my concerns on a vacation! The bathroom wasn’t large but often on cruise ships it isn’t much bigger. The shower was great and once again plenty of storage in the bathroom. It was nice to have the bed made and bathroom cleaned daily just like service on i.e. Princess Cruise’s—with a much friendlier crew.

Compliments once again to your chef---she was wonderful! Her varied menu, including food from the area, was great. She even accommodated the vegetarians on board with food very similar to the regular passenger. There wasn’t the 24 hour Buffet as on cruise ships, but there was always something available to eat or drink. Wonderful wines, a good selection of soda and lots of water---we never were hungry or thirsty.

The rest of your crew was very hospitable as well. All were friendly—is was fun to listen to their experiences and tales. I was impressed with your Captain--- watching him pull in and out of docking spaces was fantastic! It seemed they were around when needed but did not intrude on our voyage.

I’m looking forward to another trip on your Clasship1 Yacht. It certainly was a fantastic vacation!!


Donna Gannon

Dear Simon & Crew:

Thank you so much for taking such good care of the Lane family. As you can see below, they had a wonderful time and will be back again.I consider myself one very lucky lady to have found you to take over this charter for me at the 11th hour! Please give everyone my thanks and, in addition to a repeat in January with these folks, I intend to have MANY MORE charters for you.

Hi Sherry---

We had decided to stay an extra day and our crew was nice enough to keep us on the boat until almost 5:00 yesterday- It was sooooooooooo fun and we loved them all & the boat!!! We would LOVE to book it again--maybe in January!!  We can work on that later---

Thanks for ALL your help!


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